August 29, 2014


Your Plumbing Needs

Over time, your pipes begin wearing out.  With all the minerals in our rocky mountain water, copper and galvanized pipes can’t last forever.  Even small leaks can end in a disaster of either mold, mildew and damage the structure of your home.  You need reliable plumbing service in your Custer or Lemhi County home.  Take heart in knowing you have a good neighbor plumbing company that is there when you need us.  When we come to your home, we not only do a great job; we look at long term solutions that can help save you money and hassle in the long run.  Our upfront pricing  program has helped hundreds know what they have in store and how much the job really is going to cost, no hidden fees, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction rate. We install and repair plumbing in homes from Leadore to Challis, even Stanley, Idaho.

Kitchen and Bath Updating Services

Have you dreamed of a kitchen or bathroom remodel?  Updating your kitchen or bath is really one of the best ways to bring new life into your home.  We diagnose old plumbing, give you pricing options, and turn your dreams into reality.  There can be many older pipes that have small leaks.  Whatever we can lay our hands on, we will replace that old piping system so you can live worry-free knowing you won’t have any problems in the future.  Have hard water?  No worries, we can fix that too.  We have many different kinds of equipment that assist in taking out iron or hard water.  It takes professionalism to know how all these components work together for your benefit.  At Ray’s, we pride ourselves in knowing how we can make your water the best it can be, and we can make your water as warm as you want it to be.  Our water heaters come with higher quality than others you can pick up yourself from hardware stores.  Even our water heater repair in Lemhi and Custer Counties come second to none.

Bringing Water to the Great Outdoors

It’s typical in our area of the rockies to find many who venture into the wilderness and build homes and cabins that bring all the comforts of home.  But what about your water?  It can be difficult to find water let alone deal with the hard water that we have; to find a water pump that can last the ages.  You can put your trust in the company that has teamed with the countries’ best water pump manufacturer, Flint and Walling.  To confront harsh environments, you need to take no shortcuts on the path to superior water performance.  Flint and Walling pumps are designed and built with the up most standards.  That is also the name of Ray’s, we value great products that make our customers happier.  Watch the video to find out more about our leading selling line of Grundfos Well Pumps.