Geothermal technology

Your own backyard has the potential to be an energy source for heating and cooling comfort. Outdoor air temperatures fluctuate throughout the year with the changing seasons. In contrast, ground temperatures about four to six feet below the Earth’s surface remain relatively moderate and constant all year. That’s because the Earth absorbs 47% of all the heat energy that reaches its surface from the sun. A geothermal system circulates a water-based solution through a buried loop system to take advantage of these constant temperatures. A single piece of equipment has the ability to heat and cool your home, while providing some or all of your home’s hot water as well. Geothermal systems can save you 30% to 70% on your monthly utility bills.
Positive Cash Flow

From the day you install you new Geothermal System, you’ll see immediate savings. A perfect example of this is in new home construction. The energy savings more than make up the difference. So, not only do you have better comfort, higher property value, and lower energy costs, it’s like someone is paying you to live in your new home from day one!

Heating Cycle

During the heating cycle, the fluid circulates through the loop extracting heat from the ground. The heat energy is transferred to the geothermal unit. The unit compresses the extracted heat to a high temperature and delivers it to your home through a normal duct system or radiant heat system.

Cooling Cycle

For cooling, the process is simply reversed. Because the earth is much cooler than the air temperatures on a hot day, the geothermal system removes heat from the home and deposits it into the ground. The fluid is cooled by the ground temperatures and returned to the unit for cooling your home.

About US

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New Electrical Products and Services

Electronic Ballasts

Have you replaced your florescent bulbs and your light still doesn’t work? You may have a ballast problem. Our name-brand ballasts last years longer than the competition. When choosing an electrical contractor, contact Ray’s for all of your ballast and florescent lighting needs.

LED Flourescent Replacements

The T8 LED tube is a new replacement for fluorescent lighting solutions. It can either run on a regular T8 ballast… or simply no ballast at all. It gives off twice the light for half the price, giving you the most for your buck.

Night Lights

Night lights are perfect scenarios for homes with dark rooms and hallways looking forward to an easier way to find your way through your home in the dark. With low installation costs and high payback rate, it only makes sense to put in one of our special rated outlet cover night lights.

Industrial Motor Controls

Ray’s installs and services commercial and industrial motor control equipment. When you are faced with a difficult diagnosing situation, you can rely on the professional electricians from Ray’s to to help correctly find the problem and fix or replace your pumps, motors, and controls.